Guiding Principles

1. Prayer & Worship – Our foundation of prayer and worship both precedes and exceeds the breadth of our ministry activities. The spiritual battles that we encounter in the fight for freedom from the consequences of abortion are immense and far beyond human strength and wisdom. In recognizing prayer and worship as our lifeline, it is essential that we weave this practice into every aspect of what we do.

2. Word & Spirit – The word of God in unity with the spirit of God is what brings the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Healer. Therefore the teaching of the word of God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit are equally embraced.

3. Healing – Healing and lasting freedom can only be found in the stripes, blood and in the sufficiency of the cross of Jesus Christ. This atoning work of Jesus is the source of healing and the core truth of our healing model. It defines and characterizes our ministry methodologies.

4. Community – Believing that all the essential gifts of healing can manifest through the body of Christ, we are committed to equipping the body of Christ to become a healing community. For men and women to be restored back into authentic Christian fellowship and into the church they need to experience healthy Christian community so that hope for community can be restored. The Deeper Still ministry team models a community of servant leadership that serves one another, defers to one another, submits to one another and honors one another. This strength and humility restores hope to those wounded by jealousy, judgment and rejection.

5. Team – Building healthy teams is essential for success both in the governance of our organization and in our ministry paradigm. A Deeper Still ministry team is only as effective as it is healthy. Therefore, we are committed to the nurture and maturity of our team relationships. We do not just serve a function, we are a living organism. In a culture of healthy team relationships, our mission can then become our primary and central focus.

6. Restoration of Identity – The consequences of abortion are systemic and can damage core identity issues for both women and men. These can include issues pertaining to: dignity, femininity, emasculation, sexuality, and loss of passion, loss of voice, loss of spiritual identity, the heart of a mother, the heart of a father, sense of loss of favored standing with God etc. Deeper Still addresses these issues in a context conducive with a healing environment. Deeper Still will establish environments where God’s presence and peace are invited and honored. Wherever possible Deeper Still will advocate for ministry environments of safety, beauty, comforts, and privacy.

7. Inclusiveness – The abortion wounded heart can be found in all social, economic, racial, cultural, gender and religious strata. Therefore, our methodologies need to allow for this diversity.

8. Advocacy – The evidence of healing includes the freedom to speak and to act. Those receiving healing through Deeper Still are encouraged to become advocates, both for the cause of the unborn and for the healing of those who have participated in abortion. Advocacy has unique forms of expression according to the individual, but everyone is encouraged to walk out the fruit of their healing through love and good deeds.

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