Partner Though Financial Giving

The number of individuals effected by abortion is staggering:

  • 42-50 Million Each Year outside the US
  • 50 Million Since 1973 inside the US

That means that an estimated 1 out of every 3 individuals in your local church has been involved in an abortion. Shame, guilt, secrecy, relational dysfunction and a deep-seated separation from the Father often plague these individuals.  These women and men have lost their voice.  This is a huge pastoral care problem facing our churches.

But YOU can make a difference through your financial partnership with us.

We are multiplying ministry teams who provide healing and lasting freedom to abortion wounded hearts both in the US and across the world through our international partners.

Through your financial partnership with us, individuals will come to know Christ and then His healing power to heal their abortion wounded heart.

Become a financial partner with us through:

  1. Giving a Donation Now
  2. Attending our Fundraising Dinner
  3. Participating in our Golf Tournament

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