Partner Through Prayer

Prayer is one of the foundation pillars of our Deeper Still ministry. The spiritual battles surrounding abortion and abortion recovery are immense. Therefore everything we do is soaked in much prayer.

Our Prayer Initiatives – Will you join us?

E-Team (email prayer team) – Our E-Team serves through prayer. We have an ever growing team of prayer warriors who receive our prayer emails. This prayer support makes all the difference in the lives of our participants. Please consider joining us. We are committed to confidentiality in our prayer coverage. If you serve on our E-Team you will not receive the names of our participants.

Retreat Preparation - Starting 3 months out from each retreat we have regular prayer meetings. If you live in the greater Knoxville area you canjoin us for our prayer meetings. If you live anywhere else in the world, you can start a satellite prayer group in your area.

Watchman on the Wall - Two weeks before our retreats we send out a special prayer email called Watchmen on the Wall. We ask you to sign up for a 15 min. prayer watch. We have watches for each segment of our retreat, and we ask you to pray for us during those designated times. In addition, we have Watchmen on the Wall – Live. This is a group of people that gather together at various locations throughout the weekend to worship and pray through our prayer watches.

Your Community - If you belong to a prayer group, or would like to start one, that would pray for the birthing of a Deeper Still ministry in your area, please contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Will you join us? Our need for prayer coverage continues to grow as our ministry grows. Will you consider joining our army of prayer warriors? If history belongs to the intercessor, then come be a history maker that will release God’s love and mercy to hurting hearts.

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