Team Member Tuesday

My name is Debbie Picarello and I am a native New Yorker who came to Sevier County, Tennessee via Pennsylvania in 1995.

My journey with Deeper Still has been a several year one. I have had the privilege of walking alongside many women who have come to the place where they were not only ready for the Lord to touch those places their abortion wounded so deeply, but they were also genuinely desperate to experience the freedom only Jesus can bring.

Witnessing the transformation from being so deeply broken and heavy laden to being restored and made whole during our retreat weekends, is truly a joy for me.

Supporting and assisting these precious women has been an opportunity for me to give back what I myself have received from the Lord.Nearly four years ago, I was in their shoes; I too have experienced the agonizing results of having an abortion. Like so many retreat participants who show up to the retreats fearful and anxious, not knowing anyone, I too, quickly began to have my fears quelled the moment I walked through the door.

I was met by the most loving, accepting group of women I had ever met; experiencing the love of God through them throughout the weekend truly showed me what it means to be loved by people who truly are like “Jesus with skin on”. The Lord met me in such a powerful and tangible way, and nearly 20 years of stuffed pain, grief, shame and so much more was gloriously washed away that weekend.

Having been a Christian for 17 years, this weekend retreat experience left me feeling as if I were born again, again, if that were possible! So, with the comfort that He has comforted me with, I can now share that with other post-abortive women who wonder, “Will I ever feel better about this?” I can now give a confident, resounding “Yes!”  The same Jesus that did this for me, will do it for you. Just take that courageous leap of faith and trust me, you’re in good hands with this amazing Deeper Still team.

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