What We Do

The women who come to our retreats have usually received some measure of healing, but acknowledge that they are not yet completely free. We establish a safe environment where God’s presence is strongly experienced through a community of wonderful Christian sisters. Within that context, we address core issues that are key to healing.

Virtual Retreats
Our virtual retreat is an internet based venue especially designed for those residing outside of the United States who are English speaking, have internet access and are unable to participate in a full level retreat. Through this technology we can reach hurting souls in far away places.

Our mission is to equip and multiply communities of men and women to bring healing and lasting freedom to the abortion wounded heart. Therefore, we want to develop, empower and release individuals and leaders who, after they have received their own healing, will help others to do the same. The result being that this retreat model is reproduced and multiplied in communities around the world. Let us train you for multiplication!

Materials and Products
We have manuals, leaders guides and administrative guides all designed to train leaders and guide participants through our retreats. We also have a line of supporting products to facilitate your retreat.

We’ve developed a list of other organizations and resources that you may find helpful.
Although we do not specifically endorse each resource we encourage you to do your own research and find what best meet your needs.

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