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There are two Deeper Still Manuals

Retreat Manual – this manual is used throughout the retreat. Each participant and team member will need a copy.

Training Seminar Manual – this manual is used for our training seminars. A copy is needed for everyone going through the training.

Additional resource:

Administrative Disc – This Disc contains all of the forms and documents that you will need to administrate your retreat. You will be able to customize your documents using your own names, location, etc.

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Now available for those who are starting a Deeper Still chapter

You can now have a set of DVD’s of the Deeper Still retreat. This set of Deeper Still Retreat DVD’s will walk you through each session of the retreat. It demonstrates both how to teach each session of the retreat as well as how to minister each prayer exercise that follows each teaching. This new tool, along with your completion of our Training Seminar and Manuals, will equip you to start your Deeper Still chapter.

As a retreat facilitator, you can use the DVD’s to do the teachings for you. You can play each teaching session and then stop it when the teaching is finished. You would then release your team to minister the prayer exercises to your participants.

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FREE Audio Download

Click here for a free audio download of our teaching called “The Perfect Sacrifice”. This is one of the sessions from our Deeper Still retreat. Let God’s word renew your mind and bring healing to your heart as you receive the truth that your sins have been “paid in full” by Jesus Himself, and that nothing you can do can add to this perfect sacrifice.

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For more information on the price and purchase of these materials and products, contact us at

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